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How effective is dirty kit at stopping bacteria from spreading?

In short, very. Our bags are independently certified by a UK lab (ISO standards) and are proven

to prevent the growth of bacteria by up to 99%

How does dirty kit help the environment?

  • Our mission is to remove the need for plastic bags, while improving hygiene and keeping your life fresh

  • Instead of placing your sweaty workout gear, muddy shoes or accessories in a plastic bag, use dirty kit

The facts are staggering:

  • ​5 trillion plastic bags are produced yearly and 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second

  • Plastic sticks around for ages; it only starts degrading after 700 years and only fully breaks down after 1,000

  • This is destroying the environment, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins on land and in oceans

  • A man-made trash island, three times the size of France, has formed from plastic waste in the ocean 

  • dirty kit is, of course, made from recycled materials

  • dirty kit goes one step further, and donates a portion of our profits to ocean clean up projects 

How long does the antibacterial protection last?

For the bag's lifetime. dirty kit antibacterial technology is embedded in the manufacturing process. 
It offers permanent protection that doesn't reduce over time.

What can I use my dirty kit bag for?

dirty kit aims to separate the clean from the dirty and stop bacteria from spreading between them. Use it for sweaty workout clothes, trainers or shoes, smelly sports gear and much much more! Our bags fold away into a small pouch, ideal for fitting into gym bags, coat pockets, handbags and even your desk drawer

Is my gym bag really that bad?

Do you really want to know?

  • 60% of gym bags contain significant bacteria

  • 30% of gym bags contain faeces

  • 96% of shoes contain faeces

Bacteria needs four things to thrive:

1. Moisture (sweat)  

2. Time (like stewing in your car, wardrobe or under your desk)

3. Food (sweat/dead skin cells/faecal matter)

4. Warmth (like the humid dark space in your gym bag)


This can lead to endless health issues and not to mention bad smells

We're probably all guilty at some point of forgetting about our sweaty gym kit in the bottom of our bag,

only to be greeted by that smell later on. Our dirty kit bags stop this, keeping

your bag and it's contents separate and bacteria free

Is dirty kit safe?

It is indeed. We utilise innovative silver ion technology, which has been used for centuries with no harmful effects. It's currently used in medical and food industries and we're the pioneer in utilisation for gym bags

How do I look after my dirty kit?

We've purposefully made it really low maintenance, so you can focus on the important stuff. No need to wash, just simply wipe clean with a damp cloth

Who are your charity partners?

Each year, we are committed to contributing a % of our profits to ocean clean up charities


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