60% of gym bags contain significant amounts of bacteria

96% of footwear contain faeces 

dirty kit separates the dirty from the clean

Using silver ion technology, our bags help prevent the spread of

bacteria by up to 99% and reduce odour


Designed for your sweaty workout wear, muddy trainers,

sports gear and much more


That way your gym bag, work bag or handbag

(and their contents), stay clean & fresh


160,000 plastic bags are used per second globally


 Plastic has floated to form 'trash island' which is now 

3x the size of France, and growing

We're dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste

Each bag is made from recycled plastic bottles,  and replaces the need for single use plastic bags

We are committed to cleaning up, both hygiene and the planet. 

If you would like to partner with us, drop us a line at info@dirtykit.com

Designed for everyday use

Exercising. Commuting. Protecting your face mask. Yoga. Travelling. Playing sports. Getting caught in the rain. Festivals. Beach days. Dog walks. Gifting. Hygienically eliminating single-use plastic bags.


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